For some people live have a roommate is enjoy, happy, and another cozy reason. On the other hand for some people have roommate is not good, disturbing, and another reason. Everybody has its own right to choose it based some personal reasons. For us, having roommate is not a choice based some reasons.

We can  be free and in our room when we do not have roommate. Here, free is not only we can do anything we want in our room but also about how about we can be ourselves in our room without anyone who will protest or having objections. This point can be about many things about our choice in our room, for example in choosing the style of our room, the colour of our room’s wall or in the ornaments that we apply in our room. If we had roommate we cannot easily choose the style in our room because we have to consider our roommate choice before applying our choice. More, it can be the conflict if we cannot handle it well. The other consideration, sometimes we of course do not like what our roommate do in our room. It is important because if we had roommate it means our room is owned by two persons, we and our roommate.

The second reason, we can be independent in our room and privacy will be kept well. The point is not always about how we can do anything we like in our room but it means wider. We we do not have roommate of course we do not need to hide something about our life from our roommate. We can put our private stuffs easily without afraid it will be seen by our roommate. Independent without roommate also means we can consent and enjoy when we do our job in our room without disturbing by our roommate. Just imagine how it will be when we in the same time we and and our roommate are listening music and doing homework, of course it will not be fun and consent anymore. Living without roommate also can keep our secret well without known by the other person including our roommate. Secret here is not only about stuffs but also behaviors and customs. We know sometimes we have some shame behaviors or customs that is not funny if known by other people including our roommate.

The last and the most important reason is about security reasons. We have to know that roommate is not always our siblings, it may be our classmate, our friend from village and so on. Security reasons is important because our roommate is not always an honest persons. This point is also related to the privacy reasons because when we have roommate we cannot put our private stuffs as we want but sometimes we have to hide it. Security reasons is not always about our big important stuffs like laptop, smartphone, or money but also little simple things. For example it is not impossible when we have roommate we will lose our pants or T-shirts sometime.

From all reasons above we conclude that do not have roommate is better than having roommate. It is not always about privacy but also about another reasons. Another reasons that some people do not imagine.


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