Ancestor is one of the most important side of human life today.  In some religions like Islam, Protestant, Budha, and Hindu, ancestor still prayed as the symbol of respect and communication of their followers. It also happens in the some animism faith for example Kejawen which is ancestor still prayed by its followers by some ceremonies. Generally, ancestor is also used as the mirror for culture, customs, or art by the people today. Someday later the people who still alive today also will be the ancestor for the next generations. The writer also believes that the writer also will be the ancestor. Here the writer will explain two biggest way of being good ancestor for the next generations someday later and their analyses.

The first thing that the writer will be left for the next generation is about non-physical things. It does not mean that the writer will leave a kind of magic science or black magic. Non physical things in this case are something like customs and values. It does not always need to make something new to create because the writer can survive and keep the previous cultures or customs that is left by the previous generations then transfered to the next generations. It is important for the next generations as the media to understand and to learn how was the life of their ancestor and its aspects such as values and customs. From the writer point of view it is not only useful as the media to transfer the values but also to create the good image of us as the ancestor. The others non-physical thing that need to be prepared is innovation and knowledge transfer. It is also important because the next generations will face more challenges and of course the need more  innovations and knowledge in life. This point is not only important to support the human civilization but also to survive the ancestor’s culture and customs by these innovations or knowledge that can be learnt by the next generations.

The second thing that the writer will do is about physical things. Physical things here are not something like treasures but much more about the life development, building, technologies, and facilities. The writer has a dream to leave the good facilities or buildings to the next generations. Left the facilities or buildings are useful to leave the proof of our civilizations today but also to make the next generations always remember us and what we left that can be seen in the physical proofs. Physical proofs is also useful to transfer some values and sciences to the next generations that can be seen in the architechture and concepts of those buildings or technologies. Again, it is useful for us to make us as the ancestor still alives in the the heart of our next generations. The another importance is that we are as the ancestor can leave some examples of our life now in those physical buildings and heritages. It can be about way of life, traditions, art and literary works, even religion concepts.

The writer is aware that there are still many aspects that is needed to be good ancestor. In the other side the writer is also aware that physical and non physical preparations are biggest two things. Overall, the writer believes how to be good generations can be done in many ways but still in the two big tracks : physical and non physical things.


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