Nonformal class for kids

To be success is almost all students and their parents’ dream. Many ways did by the parents to make their kid becomes successful students inside or outside the school like send kid to international school or send the kid to join learning programs outside the school. On the other hand many parents are still afraid that the classmates’ influence will make their kids fail to seize the successful. In this essay the writer will explain the arguments from the student point of view that the parent has more influence in the students’ successful.

The first argument, the ratio of students and their parent meeting is more than the students and their classmates meeting. Students only meet their classmates when they are in school and it means no more than 8 hours per days for five or six days per week especially in regular school. If they have hangout with the classmates is also no more than two hours per days and it is not for  everyday. From this point the writer concludes that of course the affection and care from the parents. For example in the weekend the students can spend the time along the days with their family. Why it is important? Because someone’s successful is not only supported by formal educational background but also from informal education that can be gotten from the social environment like family. In the other side, the family itself often be the motivation for students. For example we often heard the students who become the doctor because ther mother or father is a doctor too and it is hard to find the students who want to become the doctor because their classmates want to become doctor.

The second argument, students have stronger spiritual relation to their parent. We know that parent and kid of course have spiritual relation and it is bigger than what the students have to the classmates, even to the close friend. It is not only related to the relation itself but also to the attention and affection of the parents. Here attention and affection is not only about frequency. Attention is also about closeness between students and their parents that will influence the delivery and acceptance of that attention that can be in suggestions or critics. How about affection here? Here the affection have double good effects to the students. The first effect is like the acceptance in students if the suggestions or critics delivered by the parent. The second one, it will create good psychological effects to the students when they got suggestions from the parent that the students will feel like protected and loved. Those points are hard happen from the classmates and if it happens it may be in lower level.

The last argument, successful itself is not only about inside the school but also about outside the school or even about the future. We all know the students only have classmates when they are still studying. When the students have graduated of course they will separated with their classmates and in this situation the function of the parent in students’ successful will be felt more. After the students graduated of course they will be more to gath with parents. Here the parents can suggest more to the students and can support the students to seize their success. In the other side we also need to know that the school today only supports the students to get good marks and points in the academical world and rare about the future after graduating. Once again the functions of parent will be important to the students to seize bigger range of successful after the students graduated.

Successful in the students is really influenced by many factors. Outside there many people thought that successful is influenced by the classmates. With this essay, the writer is trying to give arguments from the student point of view that the parent has more influence in the students’ successful.


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