Talking about the supernatural belief, I am sure all of you will be agree when I say that almost every nation, race, and place have that kind of belief in the society. I toke an example in Indonesia, there are so many supernatural belief such as kejawen or any others animism belief. I am also agree that supernatural belief and power were already being the main part of human life and its influences can be felt even in this modern time.

In this paper, I would like to compare and also discuss about the influences physical things in human life toward the  supernatural world and concept in the human life aspects. The main reason why I brought this idea is that my personal awareness that the human life could not be separated from the supernatural power. Praying, doing ziarah, the religious conceptions about God, sins, alms, are they not kind supernatural belief that is, even, still exist until this modern time. Here, the novel that I will be analyzed is Harry Potter by J.K Rowling from England. You might have a question : which series of Harry Potter? Well, actually I will bring all series of Harry Potter novel to be the main foundation of my analysis about the influences of physical world to the supernatural belief in human life. The thesis statement that I brought in this paper is ‘the environmental growth and physical world in a civilization influence the supernatural worlds’. For the approachment, I choose multi approachment with using social mimetic-expressive approach.

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First of all I will give you the overall summary about all series of Harry Potter before starting the analysis. Harry Potter is a novel series that was written by J.K Rowling in 1960s. However, this novel started being popular in the period of 1997s. This novel series were bringing the genre of magical-realism with the setting in the Great Britain. The story line of Harry Potter novel series made me hard to decide what time of Harry Potter’s setting because it is so imaginated-story within the fuse of realism story-line inside. For the place, most setting in this novel was in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. However, in some series it toke place in another place such as in the house of Harry Potter’s parent of law. The main story of this novel was the past’s revenge between Lord Voldemort and Harry Potter and his family. The story-line about magical, revenge and witchcraft are fulfilling this novel series. However, this novel series are still using the logical of school of thought in creating the story inside. Another life’s aspects that are exist in this novel series are cultural, politic, and human desire, and so on.

As I wrote in the previous paragraph that Harry Potter story-line was bringing magical-realism genre. This made, however Harry Potter story was about the magical story that is wrapped with witchcraft world, this novel still had the realism side in its story. For me, it is different with another magical novel such as Narnia. It likes bringing us into the another part of Great Britain part that is wrapped with magical story setting. The setting of places in this novel series were similar with the condition of Great Britain. It is not only in the physical but also in the another aspect such as cultural, phsycological and so on. One of the example of my argument is that the classification in the witchcraft and wizardy in Harry Potter. Even this classification can be felt strongly in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. It might so simple that every nation and race have a kind of classification but remember that this is in the magical world inside Harry Potter. I looked it from different point of view that the classification in withcraft in Harry Potter was using the argument of historical reason and also academical level in Hogward (even it can be the reason of Hogward’s new student to be entered in a class or level inside). Then I remember about Great Britain in the past that there were so many races inside. For me, this is a kind of expressive-mimetic proof for my analysis about Harry Potter. It might look so far away but I believe that if the writer do not have this kind of his nation’s background, it will be so hard for J.K Rowling to create this kind of story. Of course this still opens the chances about imagination, dream and so on because expressive-mimetic expression cannot be felt directly and strongly. To make it shorts, may be I can say that the history of Great Britain and its society’s way of thinking pattern had influenced the imagination of J.K. Rowling in writing the Harry Potter’s supernatural actions. Actually it is not only in the classification of Harry Potter novel’s withcraft and wizardy but also in another part such as the social-cultural life where the individualism and logical way of thought still can be felt as strong as the magical aspect in the Harry Potter.

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Well, in the end of paragraph above, I write about the logical way of though. What is the relation actually. Before I bring you to the discussion, I want you to think why the classification in Harry Potter must use a kind of academical level? Do not you see the logical way here? Why it is so different with the classification of magical-Javanese belief that is rather using the old and also the how strong someone is. My analysis found the similarity here to the human life aspect in Great Britain society’s condition which is everything is rather that using the logical aspect and reason. One of the example is in how the Great Britain society interprets the myth and belief about ghost. Of course it is different with how Javenese thought about the same think. When Great Britain society puts the logic as the main key of life, Harry Potter novel series also brought the same idea about logic in the story-line. Let’s compare it with the another magical story from outside Great Britain. In Indonesia way of thought, I can say that Harry Potter is the a person who have magical power. Maybe it is same as Mak Lampir and Angling Dharma from Central Java’s legend. However, the way Harry Potter born and join the story in Harry Potter portrayed how the logical aspect was still used when J.K Rowling wrote Harry Potter novel series. How he born, how he were saved by his parent-of-law, how he registered in Hogward, and how he got the magical skill in an academical education, to me it is enough that there were so many logical aspects in the story’s writing technique by J.K Rowling. The cultural reason of how castle was popular as a place with magical power inside is another reason that I found in my analysis. Of course it is different with how the story of Mak Lampir and Angling Dharma. It is also possible to decide that it is the expresive way of J.K Rowling as part of society which is using logic as the main aspect in life. How can J.K Rowling wrote the non-logic story in his logical custom-culture. If he could, of course it will be in the different level. It looks so impossible if Harry Potter was written by Javanese author or African author where the logical aspect cannot be as strong as how J.K Rowling portrayed it. The way J.K Rowling portray the society background in the Harry Potter novel series had made that novel series being so popular and being the new paradigm of how the magical story wrote.

Now, we are going to go entering the discussion about the influences of supernatural belief in physical world and also vise-versa. Harry Potter novel series told us about the balance that there are always the seen and un-seen aspect in human life. Nevermind to be out of topic but it is related and similar with how the religion taugh us. By saying this sentence, I want you to be aware that it is so impossible for the society to grow up totally with physical aspects but it is also impossible for a society to grow up with 100% supernatural belief inside. Simple reason that I choose is that because the supernatural belief is like the portray mirror of  culture and custom in a society. Why Harry Potter had logical aspects in its story and why Harry Potter called as magical-realism novel had been the entering gate for us. Great Britain, as a nation that had been exist for long time of course had that kind of supernatural belief and record in its history for example the belief that most castle in British are angker. Even when Great Britain had entered the modern period it still can be felt however it is not as strong as in the past. As supernatural story of Great Britain’s history were still exist, the modern Great Britain society actually still had this kind of imagination or belief in its life. Imagination, this supernatural belief was like then product of how society thinks and does something.

No matter you agree or not, the supernatural belief is also related strongly to the physical condition in a society. The story-line of Harry Potter Novel Series and the classification of Harry Potter’s witchcraft are enough to be the entering point in this discussion. Simply, it is about how the society and author hold their mind, imagination, and point of view toward something that can be seen or un-seen around them. The classification, we can also find it in the real Great Britain way of life actually after the industrial revolution in 17th century. How the worker and the boss, the land-owner and the labor got their own class. Then, I want to bring you to Javanese society about how the existence of hantu pocong that also influenced by the society. It is influenced with how the custom of taking care to the corps in Javanese society after the growth of Islamic culture in Javanes. Even, in Majapahit era, most people believes that there was no hantu pocong because the way society taking care a corps was using Hinduism way. I mean, there was the relationship between and physical and non physical aspects in the human life condition. Karen Armstrong said in her book ‘The History of God’ that the supernatural aspects is related to the human culture. How the Javanese belief about hantu pocong and how Great Britain author, J.K Rowling wrote the Harry Potter novel series within the fuse of logical and non-logical aspect in one story-line are the proof of what Karen Armstrong said. Why the Javanes still believe in hantu pocong? Because Javanese custom-culture still use the custom in taking care a corps that makes Javanese people see pocong. But there is the question why Harry Potter novel series still had  kind of magical aspect in the story. In the other side, Great Britain culture had been so logical. The answer is that because actually there is still supernatural belied in Great Britain society’s custom-culture however in small level. The belief about God, revenge, and something that make scary, all of them can be seen undirectly in the Harry Potter novel series. Then, how the transformation about that values and beliefs to be looked like so logical in Harry Potter novel series, it can show us about how the British person try to be so logical in his way of though. Do not forget that Harry Potter is still the magical novel however there are so many logical story-lines. This is, in one time, show us about how the Great Britain person sees something around and thinks what is that actually. As strong as J.K Rowling tried to give the magical story, there is also the logical aspects that stand to complete and build the story of Harry Potter novel series.

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Then it will be just like the Javanese way of thought’s foundation; balance in life. Harry Potter novel series also taught us about the another level of balance; the physical and non physical, logic and unlogic, real and unreal. Harry Potter novel series of course cannot be so popular if J.K Rowling just wrote the logical stories or just the unlogic stories. There two things are actually the reason why Harry Potter is called as modern magical novel. The logic and un-logic were also the two related-aspect that built very beautiful story in Harry Potter novel series. If Harry Potter novel series is a complete world, it had been ended from so many times ago if it is just talking about the logical things and also vise-versa. Harry Potter novel series had taugh us about the balance about logic and unlogic, supernatural-physical aspects in life and show that the balance is the main key of how a life built.

In the end of my paper, I would like to against the argument that everything needs logical reason. How we can find God if we use logic. It is impossible! Most of Indonesian people try to duplicate how the European and American people think. Indonesia forget that their ancestors had found the great concept of life; balance. They might say that balance is just the imagination of Indonesia’s ancestors. They forget that western people also had the balance concept and this analysis of Harry Potter novel series had proven it. So now? What we will do with our values and also our believe? Harry Potter  novel series had be found that balance is the main key to go to the beautiful world. It is impossible for us to always use logic and also it is impossible for us to use supernatural aspect in life! Again, balance, as the J.K Rowling portrayed in the Harry novel series. When western society belief in a balance, why do we not?

“Fuck logic! Sometimes we must follow our heart” – Lists in Death Race 3 : Inferno “


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