Farmer life in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The problem about power energy is a serious problem that is faced by many nations now, including Indonesia. Indonesia actually has many alternative energy sources. One of them is solar power that is available in big amounts in tropical country like Indonesia. If we had money and time we are as a young generation will build solar power plant to displace the power plants that use coral or fuel and to make our village be independent. Maybe it is not a new invention but we are sure it will bring big changes in our village.

Nowadays, many power plants in Indonesia use coral or fuel as the main power to turn in the generator. The usage of coral or fuel have high emition and polution. In one side, coral and fuel also will not be available forever. Sometimes power plants had problems and the power energy sources will be turned off for awhile. One of the alternative is sun light. Indonesia as a tropical country has it along the year even in the rainy season. In the other side, sun light is always available for free. Based on these two big reasons, we will start creating solar power plants in our village to displace the existence of power plants that still use coral or fuel. We also try to make the citizens happy because they do not need to pay high price for energy like what they do with PLN and automatically our village will be independent about power source.

Solar energy has some advantages. One of them is its huge resources. Another advantage is place to put it. Solar energy does not need special place to put the tool, we can put it in the roof, above the traffic light and any other places in our village. From the safety point of view, sun light and solar power plant are safer than another power plants like nuchlear.

Solar energy is a good alternative power source but still having some problems to realize it in  Indonesia. The expensive price of the supporting tools and infrastructure are only some barriers to make it happen in Indonesia. In the other hand, the human resources and the infrastructure are still not supporting the existence of solar power plant. Another problem, the decision government and the Indonesian’s minister of mineral and power (kementerian ESDM) do not have enough decisions to support building new power plants like solar power plants.

We all know that solar energy has many superiorities than other power sources. The existence and the price clearly show that it can be the alternative power sources. In the other side, the necessary of new power plants that is cheap and use alternative powers is getting bigger because many scientists said that coal, fuel, or diesel fuel will be so rare and expensive no more than one hundred years later. Smile and pride are waiting to start this project. All the threats of losing coral and fuel in the future are clear and the necessary to find new power source is also important in the nation as big as Indonesia. We believe and we know that the change did not come from the fear to start something new.

We are aware that Indonesia as a big nation with sun light along the year should use it as a new power plants for today and future. The serious problem about the losing of coral and fuel is real. We are as the young generation will build the awareness about it and start making it real. Power energy is very important aspect in human life so that it is the necessary to find the newer one. We believe that someday later our village will be independent in serving power energy.


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